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*New Classification* NWA 11107- Monomict Eucrite Melt Breccia
with a single population of pyroxene compositions.

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NWA 11107 2.56 kg
A beautiful, 160 gram, flow line covered Sariçiçek Meteorite Photo Larry Atkins

Welcome to Cosmic Connection Meteorites! Take some time to look through my website and enjoy the images, people, and colorful stories inside. After many years of hunting, collecting and trading meteorites and related items, I’ve finally committed to the endeavor that is this website. In essence, this is a place where I can share with other interested and like minded people some of the adventures and experiences, and most of all, some of the amazing extraterrestrial rocks that I’ve encountered over the years. I will update this site through time as more finds, falls and adventures unfold. I hope you all enjoy.

Visit the “Meteorites For Sale ” page to see if there is anything of interest. Keep in mind and know that Provenance and Authenticity is of my highest priority, and you can be assured that you are buying exactly what is represented. Many of the meteorites I will be offering are specimens I personally found in the field, and when possible, in-situ photo’s will be included with your specimen.

“Luck is what happens when opportunity meets preparedness”

— unknown

My 1.42 kg. Holbrook find. Feb 5, 2007. Now on loan to U of Az. and being displayed in Rep. Martha McSally's office at the U.S. Capitol Building, Washington, D.C. Across the street from the White House. photo Maria Haas
Admire Pallasite. photo Larry Atkins
315 gram full slice of a pyroxene nodule from the Bondoc Meteorite. photo Larry Atkins
Mifflin Wisconsin strewn field map.

There are some fun hunt reports and pictures of the different meteorites recovered, like this one below, which can be seen on the Battle Mountain page.

In-situ 236 g oriented Battle Mountain meteorite I found Nov. 1, 2013. Now residing in the Arizona State University Collection of Meteorites. Photo Larry Atkins

Be sure to go to the my page entitled “Under the Scope” and take a peek inside a few meteorites!

Allende Carbonaceous Chondrite. Photo Larry Atkins
Sudbury Shatter Cone I Found in Lapeer County Michigan. Photo Larry Atkins

Images that give the reader an idea of what these places are like fill the many pages of this website.

Battle Mountain A View From the Top. Photo credit Keith Jenkerson

I’ve taken hundreds of photographs of meteorites. and a few of them can be found here. I’m an amateur, using the most basic equipment, so please keep that in mind.

End Cut From 181 gram Bullhead City L6 Chondrite. Photo Larry Atkins
Desert Tortoise. Mohave Desert, Az. Photo Larry Atkins
Desert Tortoise. Mohave Desert, Az. Photo Larry Atkins
Mifflin Wisconsin. Left to right, Anonymous, Ruben Garcia, Larry Atkins, Karl Aston. Photo Mark Hirsch
160 gram Mifflin Meteorite as found by Karl Aston. The finger points at the impact pit. photo Larry Atkins

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